Why Us

Providing small business owners with low processing costs, affordable equipment solutions and local hands on customer support.

When Robert Bukowski first started working in the merchant services industry, he quickly realized that most merchants were being over charged and underserved. Tricky pricing schemes, expensive equipment leases and piles of junk fees were eating away at profits. And when they had an issue, they were stuck on hold with a large call center for hours. He was determined to change this, so he created Hometown Merchant Solutions to provide small business owners with low processing costs, affordable equipment solutions and local hands on customer support.

Now more than 10 years later we manage merchant accounts for hundreds of small businesses throughout New England, we’ve partnered with local banks to assist their small business customers and helped local chambers of commerce establish and maintain community gift card programs.

We take our responsibility as your merchant service provider very seriously. We continue to keep our customers updated with the latest technology and help them maintain PCI compliance security standards. We have partnered with Electronic Payments Inc. to offer our customers a wide range of products and services along with exceptional 24/7 technical support.

Transparent Pricing

Local Service

Fast Funding

Secure Solutions

Here is what our customers are saying…

I have found Robert to be an invaluable asset to my business. He has come to my rescue on a number of occasions over the years we have worked together. He even arrived on the busiest Saturday of the year (note I said Saturday!) and having established that my issue was not related to his equipment or system quietly stepped to that back corner of the store and spent over an hour on the phone with my internet provider and fixed their issue!

He also offers what we are all looking for, competitive pricing!

I highly recommend Mr. Bukowski for his professionalism, integrity and kindness.


The Blue Marble | Northampton, MA

We have had an easy and great experience working with Robert. He has made life easier for me and saved our company a lot of money and hassle with our credit card processing. Always a pleasure to work with.

West Side Oil | West Suffield, CT

We have been working with Robert for several years and have been extremely pleased with our relationship. He has consistently given us practical, sound guidance and has helped us streamline our payment processing services. Anytime we’ve needed his assistance he has always been there, easily reachable and more than happy to help. As a small business we couldn’t be happier with his expertise and excellent service .
Dr. Christopher Steed

Wohl Family Dentistry | Northampton, MA

We have been working with Robert for several years. He has helped us save money largely due to exceptionally low rates and fees. The few times we have had minor issues, Robert has helped us work through those issues effectively and efficiently. Robert understands that with a small business, every dollar counts. I have referred him to several other small businesses in our area, and they have been very pleased with his low rates and customer service. We wouldn’t do business with anyone else.
Carla, Co-owner

Preco Power Equipment Supply | Wilbraham, MA